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Belmont Estate ˇ¦ The Caribbeanˇ¦s Authentic Chocolate Experience

Grenada Chocolate

Savour the difference. Our Belmont Estate luxury brand of fine organic chocolate is in a class of its own, a single site production created using only the very finest organic ingredients.

Grenada cocoa is ranked as one of the very finest in the world and at Belmont Estate, an authentic 17th plantation, our cocoa beans are carefully grown, ensuring we follow our ancestral traditions in the way we farm, harvested, ferment, sun dry and hand-craft our chocolate all here on the estate with love.

Our chocolate is ‘aged’ for three months to release astringency, accentuate the intrinsic delicate cocoa notes and balance the flavours to perfection. Our small batch production focuses on quality, selecting only the very finest beans to craft a delicious, healthy and enjoyable chocolate experience.

Dark & healthy….

Not only is our dark, organic chocolate delicious and nutritious, being rich in iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, zinc and manganese, it is also a powerful source of antioxidants offering high levels of catechins, flavanols, and polyphenols believed to improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

It is recognized that the bioactive compounds of dark chocolate may also protect your skin from sun damage, improving blood circulation to the skin and increasing its density and hydration.

Pure pleasure……

Dark chocolate may even enhance the mind and mood, increasing the brain’s level of the pleasure chemical, serotoninand may even improve brain function as it contains stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine.


Our Luxury Organic Range Includes……

Dark – 74% organic cocoa content

The hallmark of Trinitario flavour, this delicious and healthy dark chocolate bar with its’ smooth texture, delectable fruit, citric and rich cocoa notes, is truly an exceptional chocolate experience and a perfect reflection of our fine-flavoured Grenadian cocoa.

Milk – 60% organic cocoa content

A first in Grenada, this deliciously smooth organic dark, ‘milk’ chocolate bars provides all the health benefits of dark chocolate in a lighter, sweeter option.  The rich cocoa notes, and creamy organic milk combine beautifully to create a superbly smooth taste experience for any occasion.

Pure Grenada – 60% organic cocoa content

Our ‘Pure Grenada’ chocolate bar reflects the essence of our Isle of Spice, delicately blending our organic spices cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and mace with our dark milk organic chocolate to create a distinctive silky, luxurious feel and island spice taste.

Sea Salt – 74% organic cocoa content

This deliciously different chocolate experience truly brings out the rich flavor of our chocolate whilst combining a delectable balance of salt and sweet. The perfect after-dinner complement.

So whether you are treating yourself or taking a little of our beautiful spice island home to friends and family, make sure you choose Belmont Estate Fine Chocolate, the Caribbean’s Authentic Chocolate Experience.

Our range of delicious luxury organic chocolate can be purchased at most leading supermarkets, hotels, duty free outlets and shops throughout the island and is also available at our factory at Belmont Estate.

Grenada Chocolate

More about our organic cocoa production at Belmont Estate

  • Our organic cocoa is harvested by sniping the colourful oval shaped pods off the trees using mitten-shaped knives (called cocoa knives).
  • At our fields, the pods are heaped into piles and cracked with a cutlass or machete and the white beans (seeds) removed and placed into buckets or bags for transportation to the fermentation point.
  • In our Fermentary, the beans are placed into a sifter where excess water is drained out and debris (leaves, stones, broken pods) are removed.
  • The beans are then weighed and placed in large wooden bins (fermenting boxes), covered with banana leaves and jute bags.
  • The beans are fermented for 5-7 days during which time the white pulp covering the beans, disappears, the beans turn a rich shade of brown and flavour develops.
  • The beans are turned from one box into another every two days to allow an even distribution of the heat that is produced during fermentation.
  • Once fermented the beans are placed outside for 6 or 7 days to dry in the sun on big wooden trays or in our solar/convection drying facility built by Mott Green of the Grenada Chocolate Company.
  • During that period, farmers walk through the beans to allow air to flow evenly through the beans, to aid the drying process.
  • Formally, the beans went through a cosmetic process called “polishing” to removes any dried pulp residue on the seed, and give the bean a smooth, polished look. Traditionally, this was done by dancing on them in large copper pots and in more recent times the beans were polished mechanically by machines.


More about our chocolate making process

  • Hand Sorting - Our beans are hand sorted up to five times at our fermentary to ensure only the very highest quality and grade of beans are selected, and any foreign matter is removed.
  • Roasting - The moisture content in the beans are tested, and the beans are carefully roasted with even, well distributed heat, to reach the desired results and to preserve the intrinsic flavours.
  • Cracking & Winnowing - Our beans are then cracked and winnowed separating the nibs from the shell. The shells are used in our compost and the nibs are used to make chocolate, cocoa balls, cocoa powder and cocoa butter and we also offer them for sale as a healthy snack.
  • Grinding and Conching – Organic nibs are ground to a paste and sugar is added for making dark chocolate with organic milk and cocoa butter added to make our dark ‘milk’ chocolate.  The grinding and conching is done for 72 hours, breaking down the size to about 20 microns and allowing the volatile acidic flavours to dissipate. The result is a smooth, balanced chocolate which accentuates the intrinsic flavours of Belmont Estate’s beans. The final chocolate paste is set into 5 kg blocks and put aside in our aging room to mature.
  • Aging -Aged chocolate is a fairly new phenomenon that equates to aging wine, whisky or cheese. Our chocolate is aged for about three months, in order to remove any other volatile flavours and to allow the chocolate to mature and develop a well rounded flavour profile.
  • Tempering – To perfect our chocolate, ensuring a crisp snap, smooth silky texture and glossy shine, the solid chocolate blocks are melted/heated and cooled in our tempering machine to specific temperatures, producing stable chocolate crystals.  Our chocolate makers also hand temper our chocolates. If you have ever had chocolates with “blooming”, or the grey colour that occurs on some bars, this is usually as a result of improper tempering.  Improperly tempered chocolate means that that chocolate crystals are not stable, and that the fat and cocoa solids have separated. We ensure that our bars are well tempered to provide that most luxurious smooth finish.
  • Moulding & Wrapping –The tempered chocolate is moulded into our distinctive Belmont Estate bars, cooled and set, and carefully inspected for quality and any defects. Perfect bars, are diligently hand wrapped into gold foil and handmade boxes, ready for you to enjoy.


Other organic cocoa products available:

Belmont Estate also produces a range of organic cocoa products including Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Balls and Cocoa Butter.

Grenada Chocolate

Our spices

Grenada has earned its name as the ‘Isle of Spice’, ‘Pure Grenada’ and ‘The Spice of the Caribbean’ because of the extensive selection of spices grown on the island. Being the world's second largest producer of nutmegs, this precious spice naturally tops the list of fragrant spices produced here.  The exotic spice array includes cinnamon, pimento, cloves, bay leaves, turmeric, ginger, and mace, and all are grown organically here at Belmont Estate.  Nutmegs and mace are exported and are used extensively for culinary and pharmaceutical purposes. Locally they are both used as food flavourings, and seasonings, while the pericarp (fruit) is used for making jams, jellies, syrups, juices and candy. A local companies - Noelville Ltd. uses nutmeg oils to manufacture the now world famous Nut-MedT, a proven formula for joint and muscle pain relief, and De La Grenade Industries specializes in many nutmeg and spice products.

Our organic spices can also be purchased on the estate or leading supermarkets and shops throughout the island.



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