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Hearts and hands of Grenada, the charity arm of Belmont Estate, is dedicated to community development, a sound education of Grenada's children, and self empowerment for local people in need.  Through efficient local, regional and international efforts, Hearts and Hands organizes sustainable social, educational and economic programs, community development missions, and other projects to educate, assist, empower, develop and improve the quality of life of the people of Grenada. Hearts and Hands is a non profit charity organization and depends solely on funding from local, regional and international donors.

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The Belmont Estate Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to preserve, promote and encourage a greater appreciation of Grenada's history, heritage and culture through education, research, first hand experience and interaction. The Foundation manages and operates the Belmont Estate Heritage museum, and organizes programs and activities to advance its objectives.

Alister Hughes
Gertrude Protain

The Belmont Estate Heritage Foundation was launched on March 07th, 2004 with a luncheon in honour of two Grenadians - Mr. Alister Hughes, journalist; and Mrs. Gertrude Protain, tourism stalwart. The highlight of the event was the presentation of two booklets -; Gertrude Protain - Glimpses into the life of a Great Grenadian; and Alister Hughes, Glimpses into the life of a Great Grenadian, written by Shadel Nyack Compton and Paula Lewis respectively. The booklets are the first in a series entitled Great Grenadians which would focus on Grenadians who have made invaluable contributions to the development of the island Published by the Foundation, it is hoped that the series would not only educate the public about the contributions that these Grenadians have, made but also inspire others to become great Grenadians themselves.

Alister Hughes Book
Gertrude Protain Book

In 2008, the Foundation collaborated with Ms. Wendy Hartland to produce the outstanding recipe book: "Great Caribbean Recipes". Compiled by Wendy Hartland and published by Island Recipes Unlimited, the book is an enticing collection of traditional and contemporary recipes from Belmont Estate. They include recipes of Belmont's original cooks - the prior owner, Lyris Nyack and her daughter Leah Nyack Fanwar who started the restaurant at Belmont. Our favourite restaurant recipes are also featured.  The recipes use fresh local ingredients complemented by a melange of exotic island spices and herbs to create sumptuous dishes.  The selection of mouth-watering cocoa and chocolate recipes is an absolute delight for chocolate lovers. The diverse and colourful compilation reflects the vibrancy and essence of the Caribbean, and will tempt both culinary novices and connoisseurs alike to bring the bold tropical flavours of the Caribbean into the kitchen. Ms. Hartland is donating $1.00 from the sale of each book to Hearts and Hands.

All books are available for sale at major book stores on the island and at Belmont Estate.


In November 2008, the Foundation also organized a special food and music festival called Rhythms & Flavours at Belmont Estate. The monumental event, was a veritable treat for music and culinary enthusiasts and was created to foster an appreciation of local island gastronomy and music. Slated for October 2009, the event will be an annual event, and will be expanded this year to include various genre of music, and will include a more diverse food selection.


In collaboration Alliance Francaise, the Foundation has commenced a French Language class at Belmont Estate. Aimed at giving children and adults an opportunity to learn the language, Hearts and Hands has sponsored local children in the community to take the class, and Belmont Estate has sponsored interested staff members.

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